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Title: Anthony Lewis: Beyond the Gridiron - A Journey through Sports and Passion


In the heart of Queens, New York, Meet Anthony Lewis, a dedicated athlete whose life extends far beyond the realm of touchdowns and tackles. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the man behind the player, gaining insights into his personal life, hobbies, and experiences within the South Asian Football League (SAFL). Join us as we explore the world of Anthony Lewis.

A Glimpse into Personal Life

Q: Tell us a little about your personal life?

A: "I'm from Great Neck and live in Queens. By day, I'm entrenched in the world of Information Technology."

At first glance, Anthony Lewis may seem like your average New Yorker, but there's much more to discover beneath the surface. His roots trace back to the  Great Neck and Queens, and his career in IT reveals a balance between technology and sports.

Beyond the Gridiron: Discovering Passions

Q: Besides football, what other hobbies do you have?

A: "I recently got into hiking. It keeps me fit and helps clear my head. If I'm home, I'm on the game (Madden and 2k smoke is welcome)."

His passion for hiking immerses him in the great outdoors, offering a means of rejuvenation and connection with nature. Additionally, he's a fervent gamer, where the thrill of competition takes digital form.

A Journey Through SAFL

Q: When did you join SAFL? And what has your experience been like in the SAFL?

A: "I believe Yash brought me into SAFL two years ago. My experience so far has been pretty good. The league is in good hands."

Anthony's SAFL journey began two years ago, under the guidance of Yash, a testament to the camaraderie within the league. His positive experiences bear witness to the commitment of SAFL to providing a memorable sporting experience for everyone who plays the game.

Teammates and Rivals: A Sportsman's Perspective

Q: Who is your favorite person in the league (player/teammate)?

A: "I don't have a favorite player in particular. I enjoy seeing everyone come out and have fun."

In the spirit of sportsmanship, Anthony refrains from singling out favorites. 

Dreams on the Gridiron

Q: What player would you love to share the field with in the future?

A: "I already share the field with some dogs, but in the future, it would be cool to play with Will from Primetime. The energy he brings is tough."

Looking ahead, Anthony Lewis dreams of sharing the field with Will from Primetime, appreciating the infectious energy and dynamism he brings to the game - hopefully the commissioners don't deem this tampering and charge his team with penalties including future first round picks. (Just Kidding) the league doesn't hae draft picks....yet.

The Art of Play: Offense vs. Defense

Q: What side of the ball do you think is harder to play - offense or defense? Why do you feel that way?

A: "Defense. Most rules are in favor of the offense. You have to be more disciplined on defense. In Man coverage specifically, you are reacting to the receiver's movements, which naturally makes you step late."

Anthony's insights delve into the intricacies of the game, shedding light on the challenges of playing defense and the need for discipline in a rule-biased landscape.

Toughest Competitors: On-Field Duels

Q: Who is your toughest cover? Who does the best job covering you?

A: "It's a toss-up between Dheeraj and Will. The best cover on me, I'd say, is Phil from AK. He plays aggressively."

In the world of competitive sports, rivals emerge, and Anthony acknowledges the formidable Dheeraj and Will as his toughest opponents. He also lauds Phil from AK for his aggressive and effective coverage.