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Apr 26 2024

D2 week 3 matchups

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Week 3 Matchup


Assassins v. Heavy Hittaz


A rivalry older than time, Assassins v. Heavy Hittaz there is no question there has been bad blood between these two teams since Assassin’s entered the league. Their last game facing off was powerhouse shootout in the 2022 SASL semifinals. With Heavy Hittaz taking the loss and Assassins going on to win their first chip. Heavy Hittaz are locked and ready to come with vengeance coming off a blowout against Semipro last quick. Heavy Hittaz seems to be firing on all cylinders with pop throughout the lineup with Bilal, Kunal, Matty, and Halimi being at the forefront. On the other hand the Assassin’s aren't looking too hot to start the season. Defense is sloppy, they blew a chance to win a game with bases loaded one out, and lost a game to a team with only 9 players. They haven't played as sharp as they usually do, especially on the defense end. The mastermind behind the team makeup Rishi who is known to make a defense first team year in and year out may have finally failed. Will the Heavy Hittaz finally sweep the defending champions or will the Assassins wake up defensively and activate the no fly zone they are known so well for having. 


Prediction: Heavy Hittaz sweep

      (Assassins get their head out of their ***) split



Wolfpack v. Semipro


The Liangs are coming!! The Liangs are coming!! From inside sources it confirmed that the stars of Semi Pro will be making their season debut with the team this sunday. Stars that they most definitely need. Starting off winless they are hoping that the arrival of their stars can push past last place. Luckily for them they are playing the 5th place team so this is the best opportunity for them to do so. Wolfpack on the other hand are trying to defend their placement and looking to advance in the standings. But apparently the white boys weren’t a league crushing talent that captain Syed said they were. So now they are back to square one. The one win they had were against a struggling what seems to be washed championship team and even then they won by 1 on a base running error. So what most the league expects is probably what's going to happen. It's the matchup between Loudmouth and Humble. 


Prediction: Semipro Sweep



Little Giants v. Legion


Legion is coming into this Sundays matchup undefeated. What looks to be a very well rounded team. Vegas has Legion at -200 to win the chip this year and honestly we can’t argue. They have put the beats on every team they have faced thus far. With offensive fire power from every position. But the biggest surprise is Kunal Oak. Tearing it up last week like he was supposed to be rated a 9. Looking to repeat their performance and help keep his team rolling. This new team is very exciting and is on the best winning streak by a new team since Little Giants entered the league. Speaking of the devil that is who they are matching up against. After a victory with just 9 guys in the finals matchup repeat they have shown that the resilience is there even short handed. Power being flexed through multiple players in the lineup especially Nick and Koz who showed how hard they can hit the ball. Even though they did lose when their 10th showed up it is still a promising sight to see that the talent is there to persevere. Attendance and alcohol may be the only downfall to Little Giants but if they can keep that under control they may become the front runners of the league. This will surely be the matchup of the week.


Prediction: Split



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