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Apr 18 2024

Week 2 Predictions

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Assassins v. Little Giants


Week 2 starts off with the 2023 Finals rematch. Same field, the same teams, and some new faces. Little Giants are looking to beat who they couldn't in the finals last year with some vengeance. Adeel the Little Giants captain after the finals said we will be back. We believe him by adding all-star Denen who we haven't seen since the 2022 season, known for his bolstering power to all fields and lockdown defense at either corners. Also coming back is reigning MVP Nick Karalekas who is also looking for redemption from last year. There will be some competitive nature after the comments that were made to Veteran pitcher Sugar claiming he was using a shaver. Sugar wants to prove that this claim is bogus and can perform with any bat in his hand. Assassins also have 2x MVP runner-up in Brian Bilello who is making his season debut and is looking to replicate what he did last season. Assassins also have a player who's coming back from injury. Shane Rivera who the Little Giants did not see last year. He is hoping to contribute anything to help this team win. This will no doubt be a matchup for the ages. 

Prediction: Split 


Legion v. Wolfpack


The two new teams in the bunch face off. Legion seems to be a mixture of two classic teams in the SASL universe. Young Guns and the old school Semi Pro. This combination is a deadly mix for sure. Adding two brand new faces to the league there is a lot of mystery about what's to come from the Legion. Legion also has some young blood in Kyle Bacchus, Anthony Dindyal, Tyler Burasingh, and returning the ever-so-smooth Josh Abbensetts. Since taking a detour from the league for a season in Atlanta the suave infielder has come back to make an impact on both sides of the ball.  This will be exciting because Legion has a recipe for success: young blood, cranky veterans, and new faces. On the contrary, Wolfpack is now being run by Syed, a new face but is surrounded by veterans. Syed has already made an impact with his loudmouth ways it's easy for everyone to say he means business. The man wants to play his rivals the Heavy Hittaz week 1-12. Unfortunately for him, he can't do that. Wolfpack putting up an impressive display on last year's champions opened up some eyes. They will be a force in this league. Veterans such as Mike P, Ayaz, and Vivek will be the driving force in this team. But as Syed said he has some secret white boys that will supposedly tear up the league. So the Wolfpack also remains a mystery. 

Prediction: Legion Sweep 

      (If secret white boys show up) Split


Semipro v. Heavy Hittaz


Now these teams have some history. They have been playing against each other for over 5 years now and it's always a shootout. Heavy Hittaz got some Heavy Hittaz returning the main one being their long-lost captain Bilal. Who's been wrangling cattle for the last year in the Lone Star State? But seriously he is a huge piece that has been missing to this team. He's the glue that holds them together. Halimi and Kunal just can’t live without him. But again Heavy Hittaz known for their top-tier firepower got Matty G, Ramy, Halimi, and Kunal who all bench at least 225 contrary to what Wolfpack captain Syed has to say. All of them can blast it over the wall at will. Maybe not Kunal because he’s weird and doesn’t pull the ball but that's besides the point. They also have veterans and a new face in Harold who went 4-5 in his first game ever in SASL even though Bilal said he wasn’t that good and tried to drop his rating already. In the end should be a positive year/game for the Heavy Hittaz and to reclaim the glory they once had. Semipro’s roster doesn't seem to change much throughout the years but this year seems that it's changed the most. They still have studs like Omar, Amby, Mike, and Adrian but some new faces that are being added to bolster their roster. This team has always been very consistent and finds a way to win every year. But last week's matchup didn’t play out as well as they hoped, being the only team to get swept in week 1. Hopefully they can figure it out soon and catch it early before it comes disastrous. But the league always has confidence that they will be contenders because they are always able to place the ball better than every other team which has given them a huge advantage every year. Their play style is very small ball esque and if they could bunt the ball I’m sure they would. This matchup will be the tale of two styles hard hitting vs. placement.

Prediction: Heavy Hittaz sweep


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