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Apr 9 2024

Division 2 - 2024 Season Preview?

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Softball Opening Day is right around the corner with the 6 teams of Division 2 starting this Sunday the 14th of April. 

We asked Meta to come up with a pre-season power ranking and this is what they gave us! 

Okay! Based on the team names alone, I'd rank them from best to worst as follows:

1. Assassins (sounds stealthy and deadly)
2. Wolfpack (conveys a sense of unity and ferocity)
3. Heavy Hittaz (the "z" adds a cool factor, and they sound like they pack a punch)
4. Legion (a large and powerful force)
5. Semi-Pro (this one seems a bit out of place, as it implies a level of professionalism, but also acknowledges they're not fully pro)
6. Little Giants (while the underdog spirit is admirable, the name doesn't quite have the same intimidation factor as the others)

Remember that this ranking is purely subjective and based on my interpretation of the team names. In reality, the best team would depend on their skills, performance, and teamwork!

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