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Jul 29 2023

Little Giants vs Dynasty

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Dynasty vs Little Giants

Dynasty comes into the playoffs pretty stacked. Offensively, players 1-9 are all elite this year with everyone hitting above near or .500. Little Giants comes into the playoffs after battling for first but do they really deserve that ranking after having played 19 games, the least of the top 3 teams? 

It can get interesting with these two. Dynasty, a team that merged with Heavy Hittaz, can get hot real quick. And if that happens, Little Giants may be witnessing an upset here. Let's take a look closer to explain what we see: 

P - Ali vs Nabeel

2 veteran pitchers, both have great IQ and good placement. Bat wise, Ali has been on fire hitting above his weight class at .542. Nabeel has struggled at the plate but we see him getting the start here because, well, who else can pitch for Little Giants? 

Advantage: Dynasty 

C Yamin vs Matt

After the controversy of Matt being rated a 4 instead of 5, the numbers really aren't lying. Matt is batting .447 with 8 home runs. Yamin is batting .474. That said, power may not be a factor at Seamans Neck. 

Advantage: Even

1B Amby vs Prince

Both gloves might be even on this with Prince having some more range. Prince has been hitting well over .500. Amby brings his lefty bat with some more power and a higher average at .619. 

Advantage: Dynasty 

2B Ray vs Zeeshan

Ray has been a great pick up for Dynasty. He's been versatile on defense while also showing the ability to spray the ball all over the field. Zeeshan has shown to be losing his bat as of late. Hitting below .400, we don't see how we can give this to Zeeshan - which is a rare thing to say. 

Advantage: Dynasty

SS Amit vs Nick

Amit's bat has been fire hitting .682. But anything in front of the MVP front runner Nick won't seem like much. Nick led the league in HRs, is hitting .778 and has shown a good glove, despite showing a couple of errors. This is an easy one. 

Advantage: Little Giants

3B Vivek vs Chris

Vivek has been showing a great bat as of late. He is batting around .550. His glove has been solid. Chris has been showing a bounce back year which can only be helpful to this team. That said, we don't see a clear winner on this one. 

Advantage: Even

OF Halimi, Ramy, Sra, Asad vs Nick Kozlowski, Kyle, Ryan, Maury

Here's where things can get interesting. There are no major callouts here. All outfielders are good defenders, expect to see solid defense. Ramy has shown power this year and we know he can be clutch too. The same goes for Halimi who we know historically is a different player in the playoffs. The question here is will Little Giants be able to match their energy? 

Advantage: Even

On paper, the offense of Dynasty can be truly devastating once it gets going. Little Giants aren't known to win close games so will they be able to grind this out with a team that seems to love being underdogs? The 4 times these two have seen each other, Dynasty has been short on regular starters and do we even count the games on Cantiague D? We're going to out on a ledge here and say we see an upset, Dynasty in 3.


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