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May 26 2023

Division 2 - Power Rankings

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Based on the provided standings, here are the power rankings for the softball teams:


Dad Bods

The Dad Bods have a winning record of 4-3 and have accumulated 8 points. Despite having a negative run differential, they have managed to win games and earn points. Their offense has been strong, scoring a total of 72 runs, showcasing their ability to put runs on the board.


Semi Pro

Semi Pro has a record of 2-1-1 and has earned 5 points. They have been solid defensively, allowing only 26 runs in four games. With a balanced performance on both offense and defense, 

Semi Pro has proven to be a competitive team.



The Assassins have a record of 2-2 and have earned 4 points. They have been effective in scoring runs, accumulating a total of 50 runs in four games. With a balanced offense and a positive run differential, they have shown their ability to compete.


Shot Callers

The Shot Callers have a record of 2-1 and have earned 4 points. They have performed well offensively, scoring 39 runs in three games. While their defense has allowed 35 runs, their ability to put runs on the board has kept them competitive.


Little Giants

The Little Giants have a record of 1-2 and have earned 2 points. They have been involved in close games, with a run differential of just +2. While they have shown potential, they will need to improve their offense to climb in the rankings.



Dynasty has a record of 1-3 and has earned 2 points. They have struggled offensively, scoring only 21 runs in four games. With a negative run differential and a lower win percentage, they are currently ranked at the bottom of the standings.


It's important to note that power rankings can vary based on various factors such as the strength of opponents faced and recent performance. These rankings provide a snapshot based on the provided standings, but teams' positions can change as the season progresses.

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