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May 10 2023

The Hot Seat - Rishi Rampal

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Hot Seat featuring Rishi Rampal

1. Tell us a little about yourself off the field. How’s life been in grad school and the business going? 
I am currently finishing my second year in Industrial Organizational Psychology’s doctorate program. Business is good, please come to rose wine and spirits for discounts lol. 

2. How did you transition from baseball to softball?
Changing my batting stands. That’s all it takes.

3. What is one change you'd make to the league?
If I had to pick one, I would get rid of the point system.

4. How many ringers do you know?
How many do you need? 

5. What are your thoughts on the cap?
It’s a part of the league. We have to work with it. 

6. What would you do to bring more teams into the league, as someone who plays in a number of different leagues
Inspire other players to step up and be captains. 

7. Answer each with one word:
Best hitter: Brian B
MVP prediction: Brain B
Best teammate: Dan Basile
Worst teammate: myself
Worst commissioner: nobody 
Favorite bat: Anarchy 
Underrated: Michael Liang
Overrated: Dennis Moscowitz 
Favorite SASL moment besides winning the chip: getting to the chip 2 years in a row.
Shane or Sugar: both
Thomas or Prince: Thomas (Prince left me)
Favorite desi song (because we know you’re a desi munda):  I am listening to the song players by Badshah and Karan Aujla 

8. What happened with Dan? Why didn’t you bring him back last year? 
Dan had other commitments. 

9. Talk to us a little about how you constructed your team this year? What was your biggest challenge (other than the cap)? 
I feel like I took a balanced approach this year. Biggest challenge was that constructing the team late. I feel like I missed out on some talents that went to other teams.

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